Mark Hackforth-Jones | 28 February , 2019

Tiralis Global understands that good fuel sensitivity analysis is critical to understanding airline risk.

In this document you will find useful information on

  • What fuel hedging is and how it works
  • Different hedging methods used
  • Arguments for and against hedging
  • The “Crack Spread”
  • Disclosure and accounting for hedging derivatives
  • Fuel price volatility
  • Hedging correlation with share price
  • Operating margin sensitivity to fuel price change

Almost everyone involved with airlines agrees that one of airline management’s biggest headaches is the cost of jet fuel. Not only is it by far the largest component of airlines’ cost base, currently amounting to about 24% of their turnover or about 5 times as much as their combined net profit, but it is also one of the most volatile…….

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