Mike Smith | 28 February , 2019

Tiralis Global believes that a new paradigm is needed for both acquirers and airlines to achieve better value in the customer payments cycle.

In this document you will find useful information on

  • Airlines’ role in early development of card schemes
  • Card schemes affinity with the airline sector
  • Changing acquiring marketplace players and dynamics
  • Commoditisation of airline merchant acquiring
  • Acquirer appetites for credit risk
  • Shrinking capacity of unsecured volume
  • Assessing the airline credit risk and exposure
  • Airlines’ business continuity risk

The airline industry with its Universal Air Travel Plan was instrumental in the development of the credit card industry and airlines were among the founding merchants for the Card Schemes. The industry exemplified the prestigious and international dimension of credit cards and generated high volumes of high value transactions made easily accessible via already highly developed channels of distribution. This made airlines a high value sector for the developing issuer network and a key merchant account for the airline’s principal banker……

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