Airline merchant acquiring – How times have changed!

Mike Smith | 28 February , 2019

Mike, Head of Merchant Acquiring Services at Tiralis Global, discusses the key differences between “then” and “now” in airline merchant acquiring. Risk and exposure are now high on the agenda for both acquirers and airlines.

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Airline fuel hedging – A thankless but valuable task?

Mark Hackforth-Jones | 28 February , 2019

Mark, Head of Risk Management Services at Tiralis Global, discusses airlines’ sensitivity to fuel price and the arguments for and against fuel price hedging. This research includes analysis of a sample of 48 airlines.

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Cargo revenue accounting – Is it keeping pace?

Eddie Eldridge | 28 February , 2019

Eddie, Co-founder of Tiralis Global, highlights the challenges facing cargo revenue accounting to meet the changing and more demanding needs of cargo business.

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